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"Statistics or geostatistics? Sampling error or nugget effect?", The Journal of The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Vol 110, pp.307 - 312, June 2010


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In Press, 2015

 With W.V. Harper, "Practical Geostatistics 2000 -- Volume 2"




"Regression Revisited (again)", The Journal of The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Vol. 115 January 2015 pp.45 - 50 [to be presented at Danie Krige Memorial Meeting, August 2015}.

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and here it is as it will appear at The Danie Krige Geostatistical Conference "Geostatistical Geovalue Rewards and Returns for Spatial Modelling", Crowne Plaza, Johannesburg · 19–20 August 2015

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"Underground bulk sampling, uniform conditioning and conditional simulation - unrealistic expectations?", keynote to be presented at Eighth World Conference on Sampling and Blending, Perth, Western Australia, May 2017.

Sorry to disappoint, no Uniform Conditioning in this one. See below!


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"Small blocks from bigger blocks: Uniform Conditioning or Conditional Simulation?", to be presented at IAMG 2017, Fremantle, Western Australia, September 2017 (abstract submitted but not yet accepted).